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Many visitors who come to Villa Vrede are also supported by other organizations. We work closely with these organizations. If people are looking for a place to sleep, we refer you to the registration desk, if people need medical help to STIL and if there are problems with an individual, we will link this back to the contact person of his/her shelter.


STIL has been providing assistance to people without a residence permit for more than twenty years. STIL helps people with legal and medical questions. For more information, please visit

SNDVU (Emergency shelter)

Stichting Noodopvang Dakloze Vreemdelingen Utrecht (SNDVU) is an aid organization that offers bed, bath, bread and social-legal guidance to rejected asylum seekers. For more information, please visit

Weerdsingel (Intermediate provision)

Opvang Weerdsingel offers a safe place to people who are not legally residing in the Netherlands. Residents can recuperate here, unwind and work on their future. For more information, please visit

Stichting Seguro

The Seguro Foundation stands up for vulnerable people without residence permit. They offer safety, guidance, shelter, rest and space for recovery, so that they regain the strength to build a dignified existence, here or elsewhere. For more information, please visit

Huize Agnes

Huize Agnes offers temporary shelter and guidance to women without valid residence papers and their children. For more information, please visit


Toevlucht is a shelter for undocumented men in Utrecht. They started in December 2013 because there was no place to sleep for certain men and Toevlucht found it inhumane that they had to sleep on the street. For more information, please visit


Refugees and asylum seekers who are received or who come to live in the municipality of Utrecht are accompanied by VluchtelingenWerk West and Central Netherlands. Undocumented migrants who are ex-ama (Dutch abbreviation for ex-single underage asylum seeker) are accompanied by refugee work. We refer visitors to Villa Vrede who wish to return to the project ‘Met opgeheven Hoofd’ of Vluchtelingenwerk. For more information, please visit en


The Ubuntuhuis is a small-scale community center in Utrecht, where people work and are welcome who are or have had to deal with homelessness, poverty and social isolation. Many of the Villa Vrede visitors go to Ubuntu on Monday and Tuesday. For more information, please visit


Foundation LOS has been the knowledge center for people and organizations that provide assistance to migrants without a residence permit since 2003. Together with LOS, Villa Vrede is committed to improving rights and legislation around undocumented, id. by organizing the yearly Basic Rights Festival. For more information, please visit