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Villa Vrede has a PBO (Public Benefit Organization) status. In Dutch this is called an ANBI keurmerk. This means that donations to Villa Vrede are tax deductible. Since 1 January 2014 a PBO must publish a number of data on their internet site that are listed below.

Purpose of Foundation Villa Vrede
The following purpose is stated in the deed of incorporation:
”Providing a safe daycare for undocumented fellow human beings in Utrecht society and everything that is related to, belongs to and/or can be conducive to this.”

Policy plan
Villa Vrede draws up a policy plan every three years. The policy plan states, among other things, that Villa Vrede aims to be a non-committal and open house where people without a residence permit can be themselves and can develop themselves. In Villa Vrede they can meet each other in order not to be dependent on others for a while and to become active themselves. Activities are offered by volunteers and undocumented migrants.
In the living room of Villa Vrede, people without a residence permit can meet others, drink tea and coffee, eat a hot lunch, surf the internet and play games or watch TV. There is also an activity room where language lessons, music lessons and meetings take place. Outside, Villa Vrede has a large garden. Outdoor activities such as sports and gardening take place here.

Villa Vrede has a coordinator for 28 hours and a project coordinator for the project Working on Tomorrow at 20 hours. Villa Vrede relies entirely on volunteers for the other activities.

Villa Vrede only collects and stores data that is useful for the purpose of Villa Vrede. Villa Vrede is very cautious and careful with sharing this information. Villa Vrede also always asks for permission in advance from visitors and those involved to collect data. Our procedures and protection of personal data are explained in our privacy statement.

Villa Vrede depends on fundraising among private individuals and institutions. Various funds support us. We also have regular donors, the so-called ‘Friends of Villa Vrede’. There is also a lot of collection for Villa Vrede in churches. In addition, since 2019, the municipality has covered a small part of our budget through a subsidy. The assets of Villa Vrede are fully used for fixed costs and project costs. Every year, a financial account is drawn up and shared with the institutions and individuals who support Villa Vrede. Villa Vrede believes it is important to be able to continue to pursue its own policy, regardless of the political wind that blows, and will therefore continue to depend on funds and donors in the future. You can find an extensive overview of the finances in our annual reports.

Publication Obligation
To see the current PBO-statement ‘Publication Obligation’ click here.

The board works voluntarily and is appointed for a period of 3 years. At the moment we have the following board members:

Chairman: Marian de Groot (interim)
Treasurer: Marieke Hengelaar
Secretary: Thieu Römgens
General board member: 

Registration numbers
KVK number 58107177
RSIN number 852877031