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What we do

Our projects

Villa Vrede is a place where undocumented migrants can relax, develop and meet others.
Visitors are welcome to us from Tuesday through Saturday, from 09:00 – 17:00.
Villa Vrede is a Drop-in Centre and activity center.

Drop-in Centre
Every person has the right to a place to be. A place to feel at home, to be able to do your laundry, to eat and to rest.
Undocumented migrants are always welcome at Villa Vrede. No appointment is required to come by. At Villa Vrede there is a free, welcoming atmosphere.

Visitors without papers can come to us to:
* Breakfast (bread and spreads)
* Eat a hot lunch
* Have your bike repaired/repair your bike
* Wash and dry clothes
* Drink coffee and tea
* Take donated clothing
* Get bike lights/ponchos
* Use the trimmer to shave

Villa Vrede does not provide personal social-legal assistance to visitors.
We can, however, refer visitors to the correct authorities.
For example, if someone is looking for a place to sleep, we refer you to the registration desk.
If someone has medical or legal questions, we refer you to STIL.

Villa Vrede is also willing to listen to whatever visitors have to say.

”If I stay at home all day I go crazy. Too much stress. Here at Villa Vrede I can clear my head. Nice chat, food, that is important for me to forget my situation.”

visitor to Villa Vrede

Activity center
Besides that people have a place to simply be, we think it is important that people without papers can develop. We do this both indoors and outdoors. Within Villa Vrede there are various activities that visitors can participate in, from language lessons to gardening. In addition, Villa Vrede has a lot of contact with daytime activity places in the city of Utrecht. Villa Vrede connects visitors 1-on-1 to daytime activities that suit their preferences and talent.