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Who we are

Our values
Every person is worthy of being seen and being able to develop. Every individual must be given the opportunity to contribute to our society based on their own talents. Leaving people’s talents unused is extremely wasteful and undesirable.

Villa Vrede is a place..
•    To be: a furnished building with cooking, sanitary and relaxation area
•    To get a face: with warm hosts and women who openly receive every visitor
•    To be safe: where you can be yourself, everyone is welcome and where you don’t have to be afraid of being arrested
•    To meet: where you can get to know other people and discover connections with each other
•    To develop yourself: where your talents are seen and deployed

”My life is filled with stress. But when I visit Villa Vrede, in my heart I feel a little bit better. Villa Vrede is my home.”

visitor of Villa Vrede

Our team
Villa Vrede is run by two coordinators.
However, the heart of Villa Vrede is our team of volunteers; about 60 volunteers run the daycare, from board members to hostesses/hosts and from bicycle repairers to language teachers.

Jaap, coordinator Villa Vrede
Leonie, projectcoordinator Villa Vrede